Mapping responses to COVID-19. How far are National Statistical Offices leading a data revolution?

This report, prepared by the NGO GeoCensos, presents a detailed list of geo-statistical initiatives undertaken by NSOs in response to coronavirus. The purpose of the produced list is to document basic characteristics to later identify common points that could offer preliminary but valuable lessons, especially regarding data partnerships. This report highlights seven lessons coming from the unusual collaboration between NSOs and third party sources that took place in the corona virus juncture.

GeoCensos is an NGO with networks in the Latin American and Caribbean region, in addition to other developing countries. It is a legally registered, nonprofit organization underwritten by a community of more than 50 experts in geographic data and census mapping. It is made up of a group of technology activists with strong ethical values. Its actions promote a vibrant citizenship that defends the true values of civil participation, in a commitment to sustainable development. Its experiences include contributions in censuses of the 2010 round and preparation of the 2020 round, in addition to monitoring the 2030 agenda, contributing ideas and solutions to more than 10 national statistical offices

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