Informative webinar on what is it and how to apply to the UN World Data Forum 2020

As next January 31 is the deadline for applications to the UN World Data Forum 2020 sessions, this webinar will provide to the need of Latin American and the Caribbean organizations to understand what this global event is about and how to prepare proposals to participate.

(09:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m, Colombian time. UNDESA webex platform) - Jan 17 2020


This webinar is promoted and organized by the GeoCenso Foundation.

The World Data Forum is an event organized by the United Nations where knowledge is exchanged, new technologies are presented, synergies are created and commitments are produced to generate global action plans for measuring the sustainable development of nations.

The objective of this webinar is to explain what this global event consists of and how to formulate proposals to participate in it. The session will be in Spanish and the contents will be based on the translated contents of the last informative webinar organized by the United Nations Statistics Division at the launch of the third edition of the UN World Data Forum.



  • Alexandra Suasnavas, former official of INEC, Ecuador. Has been a member of the HLG-PCCB
  • Javier Carranza Torres,civil society activist and open data + citizen participation advocate. Member of the Programme Committee of the World Data Forum.
  • Luis González,Head of the Web Development and Data Visualization Unit, United Nations Statistics Division.


UNDESA webex platform


9:00 a.m. Mexico - Costa Rica

10:00 a.m. Colombia - Peru

12:00 a.m. Argentina - Chile

Estimated time lenght: 40 mins

For more information please contact:

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